Older Projects

Older projects for iOS and Mac

Lazer Blaze

Shoot frickin’ lazers out of your frickin’ eyes

Lazer Blaze - A photo app for iOS - available in the App Store


Snail Maze (archived)

This game is a recreation of the hidden maze game found in the BIOS of the classic SEGA Master System game console released in 1986.

Snail Maze - a retro game for iOS


CornerClick (archived)

Mechanical advantage of Fitt’s Law

You can assign actions to any corner of your screen, and invoke them with a click or just a gesture. Actions include: bring app to foreground, open URL, and even run AppleScript. You can choose modifier keys (hold down Option key) and use right-click.

CornerClick is literally my first app written in Objective-C for OS X, started in 2001.



nom - nom is “no markup xml”, kind of like Markdown for XML. (ruby and groovy implementations)

Use indentation and minimal formatting to generate XML or make XML readable again.

I use this tool all the time just to read XML easily in a terminal. Just do nom -rev < file.xml to get a sightly view.

    body attr=value attr2=value
      :some text
<document><body attr2='value' attr='value'>some text</body></document>